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Polishing your talents & skills & bringing out your full potential & charisma to the surface is one of the things I enjoy the most in my life. Hand by hand, I will work with you to reach that clarity in regards to your purpose of life. I will assist you in creating & boosting that solid confidence, glowing self esteem, and ultimate trust in your education, credentials & years of experiences; whether it is to maintain or to get the job of your dream or to launch your own business. And if you are in the middle of a career transition, I will be there for you with my profound expertise helping you in making the best choices that align with your values. It is important to mention that during conflict and stress time, both my coaching and Neuro Linguistic Programming experiences will support you towards reaching an inner state of harmony & peace that allows you to create new alternatives from given situations. It is that balance between Work, Life & Family that I am aiming to ignite its fire within you. Tackling all these angles and  doing what you enjoy doing the most will only allow money to blossom and bloom into prosperity within your life. 

Dahlia Mostafa, Professional Certified Life Coach, Soul Coach, NLP Master Practitioner, Calgary, Canada, Success, Executive Business Coach, Team Building, Youth Development Mentoring, Empowerment, Women, Help, Heal, Goals, Unstuck, Solutions, Life Purpose

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"Dream It...Believe It...Achieve It"...Dahlia Mostafa

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