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Marriage Counselling

Releasing Anger/Overcoming Fears/Dissolving Emotional Blockages/Compassionate Communication/Understanding/ Respect/Emotional Intelligence/Self-Control/Conscious Living
Conflict Resolution/Connection & Harmony/Ease & Balance

  • Are You are constantly frustrated with your spouse on a daily basis?

  • Are You Feeling a loss of connection even when your spouse is around?

  • You Can’t seem to stop having fights and arguments?

  • Do You feel emotionally abandoned and alone all the time?

  • Does Your Spouse get defensive and doesn’t listen when you talk?

  • Are You Encountering a lack of intimacy and physical affection?

  • Are You Struggling with broken trust and shadows from the past?

  • When conflict arises do you freak out or shut down?

  • Do you get caught in overwhelm or a downward spiral?

  • Do you feel misunderstood, disrespected, and/or taken advantage of?

If You are tired of things NOT working in your Marriage, I would like to invite you to contact me to schedule a Marriage Counselling session to Evaluate and Assess your Relationship in order to develop a plan tailored to your needs to Revive Your Marriage. 

Appointments are available for one on one sessions at my Calgary Office in Canada, or Internationally via Phone or Skype...

I am an Award-Winning Professional Certified Master Life Coach, Counsellor, Trainer & Leadership Consultant with 25 years of experience and 57 International Awards. I collaboratively work with individuals and couples using an integrative approach that is tailored to their particular background, culture, concerns and goals. My goal is to provide You with an effective, efficient, and empowering outcome in a safe, confidential & professional environment without any judgment.

Improve The Quality of Your Marriage and Heal Your Past By Reaching Out To Schedule An Appointment. Tel: (403)978-6564. E-Mail:

Before a new year unfolds in your life, Think about a Fresh New Beginning and Dedicating the time to:

  • How to release past anger, overcome fears, and eliminate emotional blockages.

  • Learn and practice the most cutting edge tools of compassionate communication and conscious relationship

  • How to turn conflicts into empowered solutions and closer connection

  • How to self-regulate your emotions and master self-control

  • How to create mutually rewarding win/wins in all your relationships

  • How to cultivate self-empathy and empathy for others

Choose Yourself, Choose Your Marriage, Be The Winner. ~Together We Can Make It Happen~

Pre-Marriage Coaching

Marriage Counselling

Relationship Coaching

Pre-Divorce Counselling

Post-Divorce Therapy

"Love Is The Fuel of Soul"...Dahlia Mostafa

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