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Youth Development


/Self Confidence​/Self Esteem/Respect/Responsibility


I strongly believe that today's Youth are tomorrow's Nation. All young people, regardless of circumstances or abilities should have equal opportunities to live up to their potential and fulfill their passion in life while positively contributing towards serving their family, communities and societies in general. Through both International Motivational Public Speaking in English, French and Arabic as well as Youth and Academic Coaching & Counselling, I live my passion in inspiring & motivating youth and young adults through the miracles & challenges I came across throughout my adventurous circle of life. My youth coaching & counselling services provide a uniquely powerful and extremely effective ground for Youth's personal development, empowerment and fulfillment. The purpose is to reveal to them their hidden potential and how resourceful they are at an early stage in their life in order to allow them to benefit from their own resilience, abilities and capabilities. My journey with youth relies on building their self confidence, self esteem, respect, responsibility, their ability to learn from experience and their ability to successfully & effectively work with others. My personal legend in life is to Awaken their soul, and Bring their full awareness to develop their social and life skills as well as their enormous capabilities to smoothly and safely navigate and sail through life. My mission is to help them learn from the past, cherish the PRESENT, live it in the NOW and enjoy it to the FULLEST, while planning ahead for the future and living in alignment with their values, morals, and ethics to radiate their glowing, productive, meaningful ripple effect across the globe. Utilizing my education, knowledge, experience, practice and wisdom, I blend all my resources to help them achieve and maintain a happy, healthy and balanced lifestyle towards a prosperous future.

Dahlia Mostafa, Professional Certified Life Coach, Soul Coach, NLP Master Practitioner, Calgary, Canada, Success, Executive Business Coach, Team Building, Youth Development Mentoring, Empowerment, Women, Help, Heal, Goals, Unstuck, Solutions, Life Purpose

Youth Empowerment

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"Today's Youth Are Tomorrow's Nation"....Dahlia Mostafa

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